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We now except Credit Cards and Debit Cards. There will be a convenience fee of $2.00 for using your Credit Card or Debit Card.

Sitting Fee's:  Newborns up to  8 weeks old $75.00  Children over 8 weeks and families $30.00

8 Wallets  $5.00

24 Wallets  $12.00 ( must be of the same pose )

48 Wallets $18.00 ( must be of same pose )

4x6   $1.00 each

5x7   $6.00 each

8x10  $12.00 each

10x13  $18.00

11x14  $25.00

16x20  $40.00

11x14 Canvas $69.99

16x20 Canvas $89.99

20x24 Canvas $109.99

20x30 Canvas $119.99

When you enlarge your pictures to view them the quality is not very good because I have to make the file small due to limited space. 

The ones that you order will be from a larger file. So the quality will be much better.


When purchasing pictures email me at [email protected] or call me at (740)-632-7124

Just tell me the album name and the description of the picture or the number by the picture.

Shipping is $7.95 plus tax for you order. That is what the company charges me to have the pictures delivered.

Payment may be made by cash or check. Please make checks payable to Anissa Wellington.

When you purchase pictures the A&W Photos Logo wont be on your copy.

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  • "Anissa is wonderful with the kids. The pictures are fantastic and she takes her time to make them shine. There is a lot of variety and many to choose from."
    Debbie Roth
  • "Anissa has taken my son's pictures at 18 months and 2 years...not easy ages to handle, let alone take perfect pictures! She was able to capture beautiful shots in both sittings..."
    Marissa Wanchik
    Satisfied Customer